Conservation Medicine in Regional Tasmania

Building knowledge to help wildlife in our area & beyond

About Us

Dr. James Macgregor has been conducting independent wildlife research in Tasmania since 2007. With a PhD and a Masters in Conservation Medicine, he serves as an inspiring role model for young veterinarians interested in wildlife conservation.

Now heading up a team of likeminded vets and operating from Ulverstone Veterinary Clinic, located on Tasmania’s picturesque Cradle Coast, UVC Wild aims to build a database of knowledge on threatened species in our area by utilising the unique skills of veterinarians.

To better protect wild things we need to know how humankind is affecting them. Our work is aimed at gathering baseline information on wildlife health, assessing the health of wildlife populations, and developing tools for investigating the impacts of human activity. Examples include assessing the level of exposure to infections, developing reference intervals for routine blood tests, surveillance for significant wildlife diseases such as mucormycosis in platypuses, developing remote monitoring techniques, remotely monitoring how long individuals live.

UVC Wild is excited to be able to offer places for enthusiastic veterinary students to join and work alongside us, making a genuine contribution to scientific research.

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